You probably didn’t miss it: the electric bike has completely changed the urban landscape in recent years. Where the typical grandma’s bike was still the paragon a few years ago, the e-bike is indispensable in 2023. It’s a healthy and sustainable change and with the rapid development of technology, it’s also increasingly more accessible to the general public. Nevertheless, the purchase of an electric bike remains a significant investment. We understand that you are not taking any risks and want to be aware of the different factors you need to consider. In this article you will find an overview of what you should pay attention to when buying your first e-bike. We discuss the most important factors, so you can enjoy your cycling adventures carefree!

Buying an electric bike: where is your trip going?

Before delving into the most important factors when buying a electric bike, it is good to ask what the bike will be used for. Is it for a daily commute to work, a weekly jaunt around town, or going off-road through the woods? How you use the bike will determine what functions your future e-bike should have. When you know what your wishes are, you can compare them to the features of the bike. We take a closer look at the most important elements, including bike type, motor, battery and comfort. Go through the points calmly and make the right choice well prepared.

Latest e-bikes offer something for everyone

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Tastes differ and there are also different types of e-bikes you can choose from. Depending on the location of your bike rides, choose the model that suits you. Are bike rides restricted to your children’s school? Then the Mama e-bike is the ideal choice. Those who prefer a little more speed can indulge themselves with the speed pedelec or the speed bike, which reach speeds of up to 40-45 km/h. Do you move the bike from hot to it? Then think of an electric folding bike, which you can fold easily as soon as you change the mode of transport. THE e fat bike you’ve probably seen it before and you recognize it by its sturdy appearance. Thanks to the big tires, it’s the perfect mix between a mountain cruiser and a city cruiser. In short: choose what suits your lifestyle and hit the road!

The adventure begins with a good engine

The engine is one of the most important parts that allows you to get from A to B. Without going too deep into the subject, we are going to present you some essential aspects to choose the right engine.

The motor can generally be placed in three different places: the front wheel, the rear wheel or in the middle. Depending on your riding style, the placement offers certain advantages and disadvantages. A mid-motor e-bike is powerful and feels very natural. They are therefore the most popular and generally have a higher price. A front wheel motor is easier to install and therefore cheaper. Are there a lot of hills or open plains with wind on your cycling routes? In this case, a front wheel motor probably does not offer enough support. Finally, there is the rear wheel motor. This most closely resembles normal cycling and provides the most natural cycling experience. The disadvantage? Because the weight is on the rear of the bike, shifting is more difficult. Even if your tire is flat, you won’t be able to replace the wheel yourself and you’ll be bound by a trip to the bike repair shop.

Carefree on the road with sufficient battery

Without a good battery, your cycling adventures quickly come to an end. What should you consider when choosing the right type of battery for your bike? We look at the capacity, the weight, the charging time and finally the lifespan.

Battery capacity determines how far you can travel before you need to recharge the battery. Are you planning to take long trips? Then make sure you have enough capacity. The weight of the battery is also important. The heavier the battery, the more weight you have to carry on the road. The battery charging time is not unimportant. You prefer to leave it charged overnight, but if you run out of battery on the road, you naturally want to get back on the road quickly. Therefore, make sure you have a battery with a relatively short charging time. Finally, we take into account the battery life. The longer a battery lasts, the better it is to drive and the better it is for the environment.

Comfort is not lacking with high-tech electric bikes


Along with the aforementioned features, comfort is one of the most important considerations in whether or not to buy a bike. We take a number of factors into account, namely the frame, saddle, handlebars and tires.

The frame of your e-bike should be comfortable to ride and should not cause strain on your back, neck or shoulders. Take a test ride at one of the Himiway dealers to find out if the frame is suitable for your size and your physique. Nothing is more annoying than saddle pain, because the pleasure of a bike ride quickly disappears. The saddle must therefore be comfortable enough for long journeys. Consider a saddle with extra padding or gel padding to reduce shock on a bumpy road. The handlebar also determines the comfort of the bike. You don’t want to lean forward too much, and the angle of the steering wheel also needs to be set correctly so you don’t hurt your hands or wrists. You may know it: after inflating the tires, you cross the road again. Tires with more grip and higher air pressure ensure that you are less bothered by bumps and uneven roads. Soft tires have better damping, but increase drag and reduce range. Finally, it is important how you sit on the bike. Make sure you have a straight posture, so that your back and neck suffer as little as possible.

Find all the features of the innovative Himiway fat bikes

Want to be sure your latest purchase meets the most important features? Our e-bikes are innovative, innovative and stylish. For example, the Himiway Zebra fat bike is a 26-inch bike, designed with the latest technology. It owes its name to the particular endurance of the zebra and has a range of 96 to 128 kilometers. The high quality frame is ideal for a larger physique and the 250W motor takes you anywhere. Long cycling pleasure guaranteed!

Discover the world by bike

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It’s time to buy your first electric bike! To make sure you don’t make a bad buy, we’ve provided you with the most important tools in this article, so you can hit the road without worry. First determine the purpose of your bike rides, after which you choose the type of electric bike that suits you best. Once you know that, consider engine type, battery, and comfort. Wherever your journey takes you, with these tips you can enjoy endless cycling fun.