A nice garden for children is a mixture of “ready-to-use” toys and natural materials. Because experience shows that it is precisely this natural piece that can also appeal considerably to young children.

Think of playing with sand and water, for example, what child wouldn’t want that? So if you plan to build a garden for children, consider mixing the two for hours of fun. In this blog we would like to show you the possibilities of creating a wonderful play paradise for your children.

Why a kindergarten?

Children love to play, but it is not always easy to find a place where they can play safely. Most gardens are not suitable for children.

make a kindergarten;  inspiration and ideas for a garden where children can play for hours

A kindergarten is quite a challenge, but with these tips and tricks you can be sure it will be a success. In this article you can read exactly how to create a children’s garden that meets all safety requirements and that your children can enjoy all year round.

A kindergarten filled with toys and natural materials

This is how you make a cool kindergarten.

1. Plenty of play space for your kids

If you have children, you naturally want them to be able to play safely in the garden. A kindergarten full of toys and natural materials is a good solution. But what should be kept in mind when creating such a garden?

2. Natural materials as a base

A kindergarten full of toys and natural materials starts with the essentials: the garden substrate. Hard pavement can cause nasty bruises if children fall.

A softer surface is therefore recommended. Consider, for example, rubber tiles in the garden under the playground equipment and in any case enough grass.

Limit the terrace only to where you want to put your garden furniture so that you do not have too much paving and that your children’s garden becomes a child-friendly environment.

In any case, also take into account the European safety standard.

3. Play equipment and toys

A kindergarten is of course not complete without play equipment and toys. Think, for example, of a cool playground with chestnut posts and a dike behind which the children can hide.

But even a simple sandbox can provide hours of fun. Make sure playground equipment is sturdy and meets safety requirements.

4. Security and adjustments

Safety is of course the most important thing in a kindergarten. It is therefore a good idea that the garden is properly closed, so that children cannot wander around the neighborhood. This is of course especially true for young children.

Also avoid poisonous flowers, such as foxglove, in the garden. And if there are dangerous plants nearby, explain to your children that they are not allowed to touch them.

5. Garden maintenance and fun in the kindergarten

A children’s garden full of toys and natural materials requires additional maintenance of the garden. For example, garden substrate can crack over time and need to be replaced.

But once you have everything set up correctly, it is wonderful to enjoy the garden with your children. Warm up by a campfire during the colder days and enjoy the energy and enthusiasm of your children who want to discover the garden every day.

Outdoor toys for children in your garden

Of course, we have the necessary tips for you that will complete the kindergarten for your children.

If you have children, you know how important it is to let them play outside and enjoy the fresh air. Here are some ideas for child-friendly outdoor toys in your backyard.

1. A swing for hours of fun

A swing is a classic outdoor toy that never goes out of style. You can opt for a single swing or a complete playground with swing and slide.

If you don’t have much space, you can also choose a swing with a divider, so your children can sit separately while swinging together.

2. A trampoline for the ultimate jumping experience

A trampoline is a great way to keep your kids entertained and active at the same time. Indispensable in your children’s garden.

There are many different models to choose from, from toddlers to colossal models that can entertain the whole neighborhood. If you are on a budget, you can also opt for a used trampoline.

Make sure the trampoline is safe and not accessible when you are away from home. You never know what might happen.

3. A sandbox for creative play

A sandbox is a great way to get your kids digging, building, and playing with their imaginations.

You can make a simple sandbox by placing a few boards on their sides in a square and filling them with sand. Or you can buy a ready-made copy, which is also possible.

If you have a little more space, you can also make a complete pallet house in which your children can play and hide.

4. A football goal for sports activities

If your children love football, a football goal is an indispensable outdoor toy in your children’s garden.

You can opt for a simple model or a complete playground with football goal and slide. If you don’t have much space, you can also choose a football goal that you can exchange with other playground equipment.

At least try to install the football goal in your children’s garden so that the children do not have to shoot towards your house. Preferably you let them shoot from the house to a target, so that your windows at least stay intact and you don’t have to purchase additional glass insurance.

5. A tepee tent for a cozy relaxation area

A teepee tent is a great way to give your kids a cozy place to relax and read. You can make a simple teepee tent by planting a few sticks in the ground and placing a blanket and pillows inside.

If you have a little more space, you can also make a complete playhouse for your children to play and hide in.

These natural materials are perfect for your children’s garden

But as mentioned, a kindergarten is only really cool if natural materials are also used. It stimulates the imagination and ensures that the children themselves become more involved in the game.

1. Mud bath and barefoot cushion

Children love to get dirty and play with mud. A mud bath in the children’s garden is therefore a great way to let them play and discover.

Moreover, a barefoot path is also a nice addition to the garden. Lay out different materials such as sand, gravel, grass and shells for children to walk on and touch.

2. Hut and climbing wall in the children’s garden

A sturdy playhouse in the garden is a great place for children to hide and play. For example, use chestnut sticks to make a frame and cover it with branches and leaves. Or work with willow branches. And of course, you prefer to build this with your children.

In addition, a climbing wall is also a fun challenge for children. Shezaf, a playground designer, even designed a special climbing wall for it.

You can find more ideas for a child-friendly garden here.

3. Plants and vegetable garden

Let the children help plant flowers, seeds and bulbs in the garden. It’s a fun way to show them how plants grow and bloom. Plus, it’s also fun to start a vegetable garden where kids can see their own vegetables grow.

For example, place a sign next to each plant with the name on it, so that they immediately learn which vegetables grow where and the kindergarten also becomes a bit educational.

4. Bird watching

Make the garden attractive to birds, for example by hanging birdhouses and placing feeders. In addition, it is also nice to plant a field with flowers that attract butterflies and bees. In this way, children can discover nature and animals in a playful way.

Safe materials in the kindergarten

It is important to provide safe materials in the kindergarten. Make sure there are no sharp edges or splinters and the materials are strong enough. In addition, it is also important to regularly check the garden for possible dangers.

With these natural materials, you can turn your children’s garden into a great place to discover every day where children can play.

Short summary

A playground that consists of enough outdoor toys in combination with natural materials has the best of both sides. They are pulled by toys like a trampoline or a swing.

But all natural material play projects keep them entertained for hours and you also have an educational element.

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