GPS watches; they can no longer be ignored in our lives. Lots of adults already have a GPS watch and I totally understand why. I wear one too and I’m very happy with it. Not that I make full use of all the functions, but I like the pedometer, sleep tracking, and tracking my activities and stress levels, etc.

But did you know that a GPS watch for your child is also super smart? Especially when they’re at the age where you don’t want to give them a cell phone yet, a GPS watch is a fantastic alternative for letting your child play outside safely and keep an eye on them. I would like to tell you why.

Why You Can Let Your Child Wear a GPS Watch

It is no longer so obvious that it is safe to play outdoors. But with a GPS watch everything becomes a little less exciting. Especially for parents.

gps watch for your child, here are the reasons why you should let your child wear a gps watch

They are very popular these days for a reason; GPS watches for children. They look like ordinary watches and come in all shapes, sizes and colors. However, they are slightly different from normal watches and contain features that allow you to let your child play outside with more confidence. In addition, they also have functions similar to those of an adult GPS watch.

These types of “smart” watches have all kinds of special functions. The most important is the GPS function. This allows parents (or guardians) to track their child’s location in “real time”.

Knowing that if something happens, the child can be found more easily, is also very pleasant for many people. This means your child has more freedom and you feel more comfortable. A win-win situation for both.

Benefits of GPS Watches

Besides being able to track your child in “real time”, a GPS watch also has a few other major benefits for you as a parent. This way, your child can not only keep track of the time, but also always make an emergency call.

1. Emergency calls are always possible

Many children’s GPS watches have a so-called SOS function with which children can quickly and easily call for help in an emergency.

By pressing the button, children can make an emergency call to predefined numbers, such as their parents, loved ones or even emergency services. It’s especially nice for kids who don’t yet have access to a cell phone.

2. GEO Fencing your child with GPS watch

Another advantage is geo-fencing. Most children’s GPS watches have this feature which allows parents to set virtual boundaries on a map. Super practical to follow your child via an app!

If the child subsequently exceeds these limits, parents receive a warning on their mobile phone. In this way, parents can let their children play outside in peace.

You’ll be alerted, so you don’t have to look at your phone every second, but can just do your daily activities at home while your child (with the GPS watch on) plays with friends.

Communicate with your child via their watch

Some children’s GPS watches are even so complete that they have communication functions. This way, you can communicate via the watch by sending messages, and even by calling, or video calling!

It can help parents keep in touch with their kids and vice versa without having to buy a separate phone. It can also be pleasant if the child is going to sleep for the first time. In this way, parent and child know that contact can be made in an accessible way.

And contact with grandpa and grandma is a little easier, especially with the video call function on a GPS watch, it’s great if your child can also contact his grandpa and grandma, isn’t it?

Pedometer and health measurements

Finally, a popular feature is the pedometer with health monitoring. Many children’s GPS watches also have a pedometer and other health monitoring features, such as heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking.

This can help parents monitor the health and well-being of their children and take action if necessary. Personally, I find this feature useful on my own GPS watch, but I wouldn’t use it for kids.

In short, GPS watches offer advantages, the biggest advantage of which is undoubtedly peace of mind. On One2Track the latest and greatest models of GPS watches for children are available. This way you always have your child safe and close by.

How does a prepaid or unlimited use GPS watch work?

Of course, there is a SIM card in the GPS watch. You can work with a prepaid card that you can top up yourself. You can also choose to use the functions of the GPS watch unlimited.

You do this by taking out a subscription. I saw that you have a monthly subscription for €9.95 so that you can always be sure that you can follow your child and that he can contact the people he has in the contact list.

It’s that my children are a little older, but otherwise they would definitely buy a GPS watch especially for children. I think it’s a very good technical development. And the parents who say “we didn’t have that before”, they can of course make their own choice. But as far as I’m concerned, times aren’t like they used to be.

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