Does your company want to buy new gifts and get the best possible result? Offering products for free, for example via a social media campaign, is very effective in getting your target group interested in your offer. If you make wise choices in this area, your business profits will increase. Use the step-by-step plan below to get the most out of a giveaway promotion.

give a gift

1. Know your target audience

The main reasons to invest in gifts are of course the acquisition of new customers and the increase of your turnover. It is therefore essential that you know who your ideal client is. Ask yourself which people are helping you with your products and services. What are their problems, interests and goals? Also look at other relevant features. For example, are the people in your target group a certain age or do they live in a certain region? Also check which media your potential customers are using, as you can reach them with your advertising through these channels.

2. Research what your target audience wants

Do you want to know for sure what your audience likes to receive as a gift? Then study it with a small group of enthusiastic customers. For example, first select a number of options you are considering, then ask those people which one they would prefer.

3. Choose appropriate gifts

Giveaways that grab the attention of your target group and match your brand are essential for a successful promotional campaign. You usually don’t achieve this with standard freebies. So think carefully about which items best match the products and/or services you want to sell. For example, you do well with a giveaway that can be used in conjunction with your offer or reinforces your ad’s message. For example, it is a good idea to have at your event silicone wristbands with your print to distribute to paying visitors. This makes attendees recognizable, you increase the brand experience during the event and you give your customers a unique souvenir of a fantastic experience.

4. Set some conditions

Avoid giving random gifts. Sometimes people are only interested in free stuff and it’s no use to you. You can reach your potential customers more easily by having them fill out a short questionnaire. For example, ask about their age, where they live, their buying habits, their experiences with your products, and their media usage. This can be done online via your website or social networks as well as physically at a trade show. Or how about a contest where you have to complete a slogan? Other examples of possibilities are signing up for your email newsletter, commenting on your post via social media, and sharing your post with friends on social media. If you are at a trade show with a promotional stand, you can, for example, make the handing over of a business card a condition for receiving this popular freebie. This way you can easily collect the contact details of potential customers. It’s also a good option to only give the giveaway to people who actually buy your product or service.

5. Communicate about the promotion

In addition to choosing a specific giveaway, designing and advertising the promotional campaign in which you use them is an important step. For example, send a message to all your customer base email addresses and write about it in your online channels. Compose a simple text for an e-mail newsletter containing information on how to participate in the promotion and to be eligible for the gift. Put the gift in the spotlight and give your customers good reason to react. Don’t stop at just one ad, but repeat your message multiple times with a series of emails and/or social media posts. Do you have a store, catering establishment or other business where customers cross the floor? Inform your customers of the promotion via posters or banners. Is the gift intended for the promotion of a trade show? Then integrate the promotional campaign into your stand design and use your stand staff to personally approach trade fair visitors.

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