We recently wrote an article about which swimsuit best suits which figure and of course we can also write about this if you like to wear a bikini instead of a swimsuit. So which bikini model best suits which figure is the question we will answer for you in this blog.

Prefer to wear a bikini but don’t feel equally comfortable in all types of bikinis? It is possible, of course, because there is a lot of difference in the models of bikinis. With the right bikini and good sunscreen, you can reconnect with summer.

Which bikini suits your figure?

In search of a new bikini ladies or girl model, then it is good to know in advance which bikini model best suits your body and figure. This way you can be sure that you are looking at the right bikinis and feeling completely happy when you are at the pool or the beach.

So we would like to review bikini models with you. Below you can also see the body figures that we are going to talk about in this blog.

From left to right: pear figure, hourglass figure, apple figure, straight figure

Which bikini suits a pear figure?

Pear-shaped women have a smaller upper body and a slim waistline. Further down, it widens a little. Think wider hips, but also fuller thighs and buttocks.

With a pear silhouette, it is therefore wise to highlight the upper body. This way, attention is drawn to the upper body instead of the wider hips and buttocks.

For example, choose a brightly colored bikini top or a busy print that stands out. Additionally, you can choosing a strapless bikini making your shoulders look wider and your figure more flattering. A halter bikini do the same for your shoulders. A bandeau bikini is, for example, also smart to choose because it makes your breasts more voluminous.

What shouldn’t you do if you have a pear figure?

You probably don’t want to stress your lower body too much. To do this, choose bikini bottoms with a slightly higher waist, for example. The higher waist makes your hips look a little narrower.

Also, it is useful if you have a belly, which is also less noticeable due to the higher waistline. Another option is to buy high-cut bikini bottoms, which also make your hips less visible.

Trick: aren’t you sure about your lower body? Then choose a bikini adapted to your figure which also includes a sarong. With the pareo, you probably feel a little more confident. Do not choose a different pareo with many colors, because you will emphasize your lower body again.

Because you don’t want to draw attention to your lower body, it’s best not to opt for striking bikini bottoms with a pear-shaped silhouette. So no shiny prints and no bows or other frills on your pants.

You also prefer to leave bikini bottoms with a wider waistband on the shelves because the extra fabric shows off your hips more.

which bikini suits which figure

Which bikini suits an hourglass figure?

Lucky! You have the number where many women feel their best, the hourglass number. With a slim waist, slightly wider hips and nice shoulders, you are actually completely “in proportion”.

And while we don’t care about the beauty ideal, we have to admit: with this silhouette, it’s pretty easy to pick out a well-fitting bikini.

This way you can beautifully emphasize your waist and your buttocks look fantastic in one brazilian bikini bottom Top Model. With a halter top, you accentuate your shoulders and your breasts become even more voluminous. If you already have large breasts, you can choose a bikini top that supports your breasts well. Think of an underwired bikini, for example.

If you go for the game, you can choose a busy bikini with your figure in terms of color or print. But also, for example, a black bikini with fringes or something like that that looks good on you.

If you want to show off your body even more, a triangle bikini is perfect for you, as it exposes your curves even more. And you can even wear stripes!

Which bikini should you not choose if you have this figure?

In fact, there aren’t many bikinis out there that don’t suit your figure. Just make sure you choose a bikini that fits you well and get advice on sizing. It just isn’t too small, especially when it comes to the bikini top, you want to look your best, right?

Which bikini suits an apple figure?

Women with an apple figure, on the other hand, have more volume in the upper body and slimmer legs. Also, with an apple silhouette, the upper body is sometimes a bit shorter.

To make your upper body look a little longer, you can opt for bikini bottoms with this silhouette that are cut a little higher and are worn lower. Your upper body then gets, so to speak, more “space” and becomes more visible.

Plus, you probably want to show off your lower body with your beautiful legs. A bikini bottom in bright prints or bright colors is a good idea. Do you have a belly? Then you can always go for a slightly higher bikini bottom model for your figure, although your upper body will look a bit shorter.

It’s just what you feel best. Of course, you can also see which swimsuit suits your figure.

You shouldn’t choose this bikini if ​​you have an apple figure

Because you have a wider upper body, for example, a halter top won’t look so smart. This highlights your breasts, making them appear even fuller and your upper body as a whole.

A bikini top with a print or horizontal stripes is also to be avoided.

bikini by number

This bikini suits a straight figure

With a straight silhouette, you would like to try to show your feminine shapes a little more. You have a strong athletic body, but a little more “softness” in your appearance is also nice.

You can create this softness by wearing, for example, spaghetti strap bikini bottoms. These give your butt and hips a slightly rounder shape. You can also have a knot or fringes.

Which bikini would you rather not choose if you have a straight figure?

While some female figures thrive on high waisted bikini bottoms, we wouldn’t recommend it. Your butt will disappear and you just don’t need it with your figure.

Because you already have a straight figure, you prefer to break it up a bit with the choices you make in your bikini; so do not opt ​​for a bikini top with straight straps, but rather for a halter top, for example.

Bikini if ​​you have a belly

If you have a belly that you would like to hide a little, it is better to choose a high-waisted bikini. This one hides your belly a bit, but highlights your waist. Precisely because of the latter, your belly is even less visible and you create more of an hourglass figure.

Which bikini model suits me

So to know which bikini best suits your figure (or mine) you must first know what figure we really have. Are you having trouble figuring it out? Then go to a specialized store, they can help you get there.

Buying a new bikini? So pay attention to that!

When choosing a certain bikini color, it’s a good idea to also look at your skin color. If you are tinted, you can go for a nice bright color, but pastel shades look great on you too.

It is better not to do this if you have slightly paler skin. But of course you already knew that, because a brightly colored t-shirt doesn’t suit you either.

If you have pale skin, it is better to opt for a dark colored bikini, for example in dark blue or black.

If you want to highlight your breasts or make them look bigger, a halter top or a triangle bikini is for you.

The parts of your body that can stand out, you can wear bright colors (or fringes and bows) and those that you want to pay less attention to, it is better to wear dark shades without striking ruffles.

Above all, it is important that you feel comfortable in the bikini you are wearing. If you feel comfortable, you radiate that too. And don’t forget to enjoy!

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