We finally almost finished the bathroom. There are still a few details to work out, but that will come. We tiled part of the walls, but I painted part of the bathroom walls and I would like to tell you more about that.

paint the walls in the bathroom with a special wall paint

Paint the bathroom walls for a calm look

The reason I want to paint a few bathroom walls is that I would like some variety in the bathroom. Not just tiles, but a calm look at the walls where the bathroom furniture comes from.

Certainly also because we have chosen dark tiles in the bathroom where the shower area is located and on the floor, I think it is important to paint the remaining walls of the bathroom with a light color.

I was also doubtful if I wanted to do a velvet wall in the bathroom, but thought it would be too expensive. In the end, I decided to paint a number of walls in the bathroom. And it turned out gorgeous! But to get the best result, you should follow the following tips if you also want to do this.

Preparation tips when you want to paint the bathroom walls

With us, the bathroom walls have just been plastered and then a little preparation is needed before you can start painting.

Sand the walls

First, it’s important to make sure you sand the walls very smooth. Especially if you want to paint walls – whether in the bathroom or not – it is important that the surface is really smooth. I just sanded the walls by hand and with sandpaper. Just use medium sandpaper for this. Not too fine and not too coarse.

It’s a bit of work, but you have good control over what you’re doing. Are you also going to paint your ceiling? Then sand it too!

Fill small holes and scratches in the wall

The work provided by a plasterer generally seems reasonable. It’s also more than enough for wallpaper. But if you go to paint the walls, you will see all the irregularities and therefore also the scratches on the walls in the bathroom or living room.

I think these scratches are very noticeable if you paint the walls like this without doing anything. I always fill them. I do it with a special filler that I got from our plasterer. A pot with some kind of springy powdery material.

Put a dab on a putty knife and smooth over the scratch. Then the scratch is filled and after painting you can’t see it anymore! You can also easily fill holes up to one centimeter with this.

Handy for filling in damage to sockets and the like.

Before you start painting the bathroom walls; the primer

Just had newly plastered walls like we do? Then it does not make sense to immediately start painting the walls in the bathroom. Use a good primer first to make sure you get rid of the strongest wall suction.

I myself use Sigmafix Universal Primer. You dilute this with water in a ratio of 1:4. Then you can prime all walls and ceilings with a roller. Beware…this can sometimes leak into the work. So be sure to cover the ground and the like in advance.

After that, you can start painting the bathroom walls.

bathroom wall paint

What paint do you use for the bathroom walls?

It is also a very important choice to make. In the bathroom, it is important to use a highly vapor permeable wall paint.

It is always much more humid in a bathroom than in the other rooms of your house. So you can’t just use the same paint as the rest of your house. It’s possible… but it’s not smart.

Look for a fungicidal and permeable paint for the best effect in your bathroom, such as Sigma Sigmaresist Fungi Matt from Verf-plaza.nl.

This paint has the perfect properties for use in a damp room. This not only guarantees a beautiful result when painting the walls in the bathroom, but also maintains this result.

Lots of positive reviews

I have read reviews of this paint on all sorts of websites that show the results are very good. For example, the bathrooms where there was mold on the ceilings, they painted with this bathroom wall paint and the mold stays away.

I don’t want to take any chances with us so I painted the bathroom ceiling and walls with Sigma Sigmaresist Fungi Matt. The ceiling is white and for the walls I mixed a color that goes well with the black marble tiles we have in the bathroom.

Of course, this paint is not suitable for the shower area itself, it is always better to tile it. So I painted the walls behind the bathroom cabinets and as it looks now it will still look very nice. Water splatters dry quickly and toothpaste splatters can be brushed away in no time.

You can also have the paint mixed by color, whether you want to create a pink bathroom or decorate a country bathroom with earth tones. It’s possible!

The result after painting 1 time

This Sigma paint is very easy to use. Doesn’t drip, so spilling isn’t much of a problem if you’re somewhat familiar with painting walls and ceilings.

In addition, it dries very well. For the best result, I recommend painting the bathroom walls twice. It gives you a better result and the color is very even. You won’t see any roller marks if you just paint the wall wet on wet. And not even if a part has already dried.

Tip: Even if you have a good wall paint for your bathroom with this Sigma Sigmaresist Fungi Matt, make sure your bathroom is well ventilated. So that a window can be opened and you have good ventilation in your bathroom. Especially with teens at home who prefer to take a long shower!

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