Completing a new home is the final step in building a home. The construction of a new house is the last step following the construction phase. In other words, the house is ready to live. But what does all this imply in a finishing phase and what should you be aware of as a home buyer? We will explain to you!

The finishing phase

In the completion phase, the house is prepared for the buyer to enter and move into the house. In the phase preceding the completion phase, the shell phase, a new house is delivered windtight and waterproof. In the completion phase, the house really takes shape and begins to look like a real home, inside and out. During the finishing phase, you should think about the following activities: the ceilings are installed, the partitions can be installed if necessary, the recessed lighting is installed, the new kitchen is installed, the new floor is laid, etc. These are all activities that you can manage to think about during the construction phase.

Register the delivery of your new home

Before the new house is finally delivered, there is a pre-delivery. With a pre-delivery, you walk through the house with the contractor or a construction supervisor. Here all the parts are discussed that you do not fully agree with. This pre-delivery is crucial to achieve the desired end result. It is therefore important that you are not afraid to point out errors or irregularities. This is your chance as the buyer to spot the errors and fix them before official delivery.

All home finishes

living room lighting

After the completion of the construction phase comes your new home Very close. After the rough construction phase, the floors are ready to be completely finished. By this point in the process, you have often already decided on the type of floor and the person who will install it. When installing the floor, you should think about possible underfloor heating. If you install a heated floor, you must take into account a slight rise in temperature at the beginning. Are you doing this too fast? Then you can see it reflected in the ground.

The delivery of your new home is an important process! Therefore, make sure you are well prepared and lift whatever is on your mind. This way, your dream home comes closer and, hopefully, with as few problems as possible.