Dogs are of course great pets that provide lots of love and companionship to you as the owner, but also to your family. Unfortunately, something bad can happen and your dog can get sick or injured.

When this happens, the costs for the veterinarian and medical specialists can quickly become high. It can then happen that major financial worries arise. Dog insurance is the solution for this. With such insurance, you can cover the risk of medical expenses. If something unexpected happens to your dog, you don’t have to worry about vet fees. Below we discuss the advantages of such dog insurance.

Medical expenses covered

First, dog insurance helps cover the cost of medical treatment. This can range from routine visits and vaccinations to surgery and admission to a specialist centre. Many insurance policies also provide coverage for alternative treatments such as acupuncture and physiotherapy.

Your dog’s well-being

Dog insurance can contribute to the well-being of your dog. By this we mean that you, as the owner, do not have to worry about the costs of medical treatments. Because of this, you’ll likely get your dog treated faster if needed. This greatly increases the chances of recovery and proper care. Ultimately, every owner wants the best for their dog. But not all financial situations allow this. Thanks to dog insurance, you no longer have to wonder whether or not you want to go to the vet.

Protects against exorbitant costs

Good dog insurance protects you against exorbitant costs in the event of unforeseen events. Imagine that your dog suffers from a disease that is very expensive to treat or that your dog is involved in an accident. In these situations, dog insurance will help you meet these costs. This way, you won’t have any financial problems yourself.

Dog insurance and safety

Dog insurance can also help keep your dog safe. For example, some insurance policies provide coverage in the event of theft or loss. It may sound strange, but there are many stories of dogs being taken without the owner’s permission. For example, dog insurance helps cover search costs or provides legal assistance.

In short: insure your dog and avoid annoying peripheral problems

By taking out good dog insurance, you ensure:

  • Peace of mind: you don’t have to worry about financial regulations
  • Wellness: You can start the best medical treatment for your dog without thinking
  • Security: some insurers help you in the event of theft or loss
  • Finances: no exorbitant fees for the veterinarian or specialists

What is the best dog insurance?

Choosing the best dog insurance policy is something you have to do yourself. Insurance is very personal and completely depends on your situation. How much do you want to pay per month, what risks do you want to cover, do you also want a deductible, do you exclude certain illnesses and conditions? So many questions that you must clarify for yourself before taking out dog insurance. What we can say is that we are enthusiastic about Petsecur’s dog insurance.

They are aware that every dog ​​or cat is different and the same is true for owners. That’s why they have put together well-thought-out packages that meet the need and offer as much flexibility as possible. The three biggest advantages of Petsecur:

  • The highest benefit in the Netherlands
  • No waiting time, quickly insured
  • No change fees

Curious about the packages of Petsecur? Check them here in a practical overview.