Even the greenest people don’t know all of these tips. You can have a “green thumb” and become a true gardener with these handy gardening tips.

I know it’s early, but are you also looking forward to spring after all the festivities? I do. I struggle with January and February, those months are so long and so little happens.

Fortunately, anyone can have a green thumb (and a lush garden) with the right gardening tips and tools. Whether you are a real gardener whether you’re a woman or tending a lush vegetable garden, these tips will help you do just that.

To get in the mood for spring and especially the outdoors, I share with you some gardening tips.

1 – Use a bar of soap

Run your fingernails over a bar of soap before gardening. It prevents dirt from getting under your nails and rubbing a lot after this period.

2 – Garden in the morning

Weed your garden in the morning. It’s a really nice way to start your day; I like to do it while sipping my coffee. And because the ground is still moist from dew, weeds are easier to pull.

3 – Find a free course

Join a gardening club near you or rent a vegetable patch. You can then benefit from a large group of teachers and mentors who are passionate about gardening (vegetable garden) for free.

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4 – Take advantage of the double

I listen to books through an app on my phone. If I listen to a cliffhanger, gardening could take hours. Luckily everything went well and I didn’t carve anything wrong.

5 – Use oil

It is a natural product and acts as a fungicide and insecticide. It can also be used on fruits, vegetables and houseplants.

6 – Pay attention to your pets

If you have pets, check to see what’s safe in case they eat your plants. Chances are they will, especially if you have a very curious dog.

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7 – Be patient

Live in a new house for a year before making big investments in the garden. After a year you know exactly what the sun is doing where in your garden, you know which are the wettest and driest places and above all you know exactly what is rising, growing and blooming in your new garden.

8 – Pay attention to the ground

Put a $5 plant in a $10 hole. In other words, spending money to enrich the soil. You will be rewarded with healthy plants.

9 – Think of yourself

Don’t forget to wear sunscreen and a big hat.

10 – Watch your posture

Use a folding stool to sit on. It’s a trick from a gardening-loving physical therapist, so he knows how hard it is to bend your back. Adding a simple crutch improves spinal posture and reduces strain.

Stretch and wear good shoes. In the garden you exercise your body in different ways.

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11 – Have everything on hand

Put an old mailbox or milk churn in the garden. It’s ideal for storing gloves, secateurs and all other small hand tools. The objects you use the most are then protected and always where you need them.

12 – Mulch* anything

It saves water and creates an energy source around the plant. Old newspapers, shredded cardboard and straw also work well.

* Of mulch we mean covering the ground around the plants and shrubs of the ornamental or vegetable garden with organic matter.

Why mulch?

Why would you cover the bottom? The biggest advantage is that weeds don’t stand a chance. Additionally, mulching improves soil structure as soil life works with the mulch layer and is transformed into lighter soil. Nutrients, air and moisture penetrate the soil better.

A layer of mulch protects the soil from cold and heat and prevents it from drying out. During heavy downpours, the ground does not close and the frost penetrates less into the ground.

13 – Spray against rodents

To keep rabbits or other rodents from eating tulips, lilies, and other tasty flowers, spray them with homemade garlic oil about once a week. To do this, marinate crushed garlic cloves in vegetable oil, put the mixture in a spray bottle with equal parts water and spray it on and around the plants. It works very well, even after a downpour.

14 – Just start

I always thought that gardening was so difficult and took a lot of time and effort. One day I decided to plant some seeds and water them daily. Next thing I knew I had a bunch of kale and herbs that I didn’t even know what to do with! Now I am an avid gardener and enjoy growing my own healthy produce.