Life is getting more and more expensive and that is why we are all looking for ways to save (extra) money. In this blog, we share four ways to save extra costs.

1. Switch energy supplier

Have you recently received an unpleasant surprise from your energy supplier in the form of a much higher monthly contribution? Without a fixed, multi-year contract, this can be a shock. Luckily, a short contract also means you can research a new energy company. Therefore, consult the different tariffs of the various energy companies without obligation via online comparison sites. This way you can see at a glance if you can save money on your monthly energy costs.

2. Change health insurance

Switching health insurance policies can save you a lot of money each month. This can be very advantageous, especially if you have been with the same health insurer for several years. The best health insurance company for you, you can easily find through a comparison site. Here you can indicate exactly what is important to you. Do you want supplementary health insurance or not? What care must be insured in the complementary package?

Carefully consult the additional conditions of each health insurer to find out the best health insurance find. There is a lot of difference in additional terms, refunds, and rules. The cheapest health insurance is therefore not always the best for you.

3. Insurance

Being well insured is very important, but sometimes you can be too well insured. It is therefore useful to take stock of your insurance at least once a year. What do you have insurance for? Does this include double insurance? And if not, do you still need all the insurance? For example, you have insurance for external storage, but you no longer have it? You can then terminate this insurance immediately.

Also check if you can buy the cheaper insurance elsewhere. Your insurance is tacitly renewed every year, so you have sometimes started to pay too much without knowing it. So take a morning to see if you can save on your insurance.

4. Subscriptions


Many Dutch people pay monthly for subscriptions that they no longer use. For example, do you have an annual gym membership, but haven’t seen it inside this year? Then make sure to terminate the subscription in time, so that it is not automatically renewed for another year.

You can also check if you subscribe to magazines or apps that you rarely or never use. A magazine subscription is easily convertible into a library card. The library card is much cheaper, but also gives you the option of renting magazines. And you can also go there for books and much more.

Quick result

These money-saving tips take little time, but can save you hundreds of dollars every year. Therefore, schedule a day before the end of the year to begin your administration.