Your Labrador’s coat needs care. We have already written about this on our website. For example in the article “How to maintain the coat of a Labrador?”. We briefly discussed a very handy tool for fur care, namely the Furminator.

With a Furminator you can remove loose hair from your dog’s coat. You have to be careful when using the Furminator. For example, for a longer-haired Labrador, it is not recommended to use the Furminator every week. For a shorter-haired Labrador, it can be very pleasant to comb their hair every week with the furminator.

Up to 90% less waste

The Furminator is a patented brush designed to penetrate deep under your dog’s outer coat. Thus, the undercoat and loose hairs are gently removed. Professional groomers and veterinarians also use the Furminator and recommend it to Labrador owners as well. These brushes are designed for coats with hair longer than 5 centimeters. The brushes are available in different sizes for optimal results and fast and effective loss reduction. By using the Furminator, dogs can shed up to 90% less!

How does the Furminator work?

The Furminator is therefore a kind of brush. With this you comb your dog’s coat. The brush removes loose hairs from the coat during combing. It is very important that you use the correct Furminator. We’ll get into that in a moment. In addition, it is also very important that you use the brush appropriately. Using the Furminator the wrong way can damage your Labrador’s skin, and of course you don’t want that.

The Furminator is ideal for Labradors because it is this particular undercoat that provides so much hair in your home.

Furminator for short-haired dogs

Does your Labrador have shorter hair? Then it is recommended to buy a Furminator dog brush with short bristles.

The Furminator for Shorthaired Dogs has special combs designed to reach deep under the outer coat and gently remove undercoat and loose hair. Professional groomers and veterinarians also often use this brush.

Furminator for long-haired dogs

Do you have a Labrador with longer hair? Then you can take a look at the Furminator Dog Long Hair – S. While brushing, you detangle the outer coat and remove loose hair and dirt, and excess undercoat is also removed without cutting or damage the outer coat. Read the user manual carefully first in order to use the Furminator optimally.