Do you like green in your home, but you don’t have a green thumb? Or do you have a thing for buying plants but let them die very quickly because you forgot to water them regularly? It can happen ! But did you know that there are also easy houseplants that require much less attention and/or water?

With these houseplants, the chance of you breaking them immediately is much lower.

easy houseplants

Top 10 easy houseplants

Before you decide to buy plastic houseplants, we would like to introduce you to our top 10 (reversed) easy houseplants. These plants – much like a mini ecosystem – can take a beating, even if you forget to water them for two weeks.

Dracaena Houseplant Care

Location 10: Dragon’s Blood Tree

At number 10 in our “top 10 easy houseplants” is the Dragon’s Blood Tree or Dracaena. It is a hardy houseplant native to Africa and often found in tropical regions.

As a result, the plant is accustomed to “wet periods” and “dry periods”. In so-called wet periods, the Dragon Blood Tree stores water and nutrients in its trunk, which the plant can use during dry periods.

Are you not very good at watering your plants on time? Then the Dracaena is a super manageable plant: in summer it is enough to water this plant once every two weeks. And in winter, you only have to water this easy houseplant once a month.

So you can’t reduce this plant so easily!

Easy houseplant this pancake plant

Place 9 of the easy houseplants: Pancake plant

Pancake plant or Pilea peperomioides is also a plant that is not easy to make small.

This trendy and easy houseplant is completely acceptable if you leave it in a bright spot with indirect sunlight.

If the plant is having fun with you, it will even give cuttings in no time. This way you know immediately if your Pilea likes it with you!

Also when it comes to water, you would rather give a little too little water than too much. Giving it a good shot of water once a week will keep your pancake plant very happy.

Can you see that the ground is really dry? Now is the time to water. Do you see the leaves falling off or fading? Then you even give too much water. Handy, isn’t it, a houseplant that gives you a signal?

money tree, easy houseplants

Location 8: Money Tree

As ABBA once sang, “Money money money is so funny in a rich man’s world.” Now, who doesn’t love money? Unfortunately, no real money grows on the Pachira aquatica or Geldboom.

But it is a nice and easy houseplant that can brighten up your home and looks really nice thanks to the braided trunk.

If you opt for a Money Tree at home, you don’t have to worry about having to water this tree often. No – this topper likes a lot of water at once, as it comes from marshes.

But you don’t have to water the tree often, once every three weeks is enough. You immediately understand why it is in our top 10 easy houseplants!

Monstera is an easy plant

Place 7: Monstera in the top 10 easy houseplants

Also a monstera or a holey plant couldn’t be missed in our top 10 easy houseplants.

This eye-catcher has been very popular in recent years and can be recognized by its notches. Younger plants have one row of notches, true old ones have the double notches that many plant lovers love.

In the wild, these older Monsteras can grow leaves with a diameter of at least 1 meter!

With a holey plant in your home, you can not only create a tropical atmosphere, but you hardly have to do anything to let the plant grow.

Place your monstera in partial shade or daylight and occasionally pour a little water into the potting soil and your monstera will be very happy. Forgot to water for a week? No problem, the Monstera can take a beating!

grass lily houseplant

Location 6: The Easy Houseplant Grass lily

Don’t have much room in your house for a monstera monster or a large dragon’s blood tree? Then a pretty potted water lily might be something for you. Moreover, it is also one of the non-toxic plants for cats.

A water lily or Chlorophytum comosum is a beautiful houseplant with an air-purifying effect, so this easy houseplant is also good for your health.

Did you know that NASA – yes, the space agency – studied the water lily and discovered that it can filter all kinds of harmful substances from the air?

To keep your water lily happy, it’s best to place it in a bright spot with indirect sunlight. With a good sip of water once a week, your water lily will be very happy. Will it still rain in the Netherlands? Then you can also put your water lily outside for a while – he likes it too!

Source: Etsy

Location 5: Air Plants

Air plants are super special plants. These Tillandsias draw their nourishment from their environment; therefore air and water, and not earth.

You can hang these plants almost anywhere, although we recommend avoiding direct sunlight. This makes indoor plants very easy.

These trendy plants look great in the house: according to many, they look a bit like jellyfish. You can already hear it: they are real eye-catchers in your interior.

Another reason they make the top 10 easy houseplants is that they are very happy with 1-2 short sprays with a stream of water. Ok, for this you need a spray bottle (preferably filled with rainwater), so it takes a bit more work, but these air plants are very cute!

Always looking for a beautiful hanging plant? Do not search anymore !

The houseplant with Aloe Vera is easy

Place 4: Aloe Vera in the house

Do you think ‘everything is fine, the first 6 plants in this list of 10 easy houseplants, but what if I really forget about my plant for three weeks?’

Well, an Aloe plant, like Aloe Vera, is definitely something for you. This plant is used to hot climates where it only gets water very occasionally and can therefore really take a beating. This plant also prefers to receive too little water rather than too much – then you will suffer from root rot and the leaves will fall off.

So, do you even think about giving your plant a good shot of water every three weeks? Then an Aloe is your ideal plant.

If you think about it, you can give your plant plenty of water – the soil will dry out in the following weeks.

Did you know that the Aloe Vera plant is not only an easy houseplant, but that you can also use it as a “medical” plant? The gel contained in the leaves can be used for various purposes.

For example, it has a cooling and moisturizing effect if you have been in the sun for too long and you get sunburned. But you can also use it as a day cream and even to rinse your mouth for fresh breath.


Location 3: Sansevieria / woman’s tongue

This pretty houseplant could not be missing from our top 10 easy houseplants!

The Sansevieria or lady’s tongue is such a plant that looks very beautiful in your interior and that you can almost “forget”. It is a very easy plant that is not demanding at all: you can place lady’s tongue in full sun due to its origin in Africa and Asia. In addition, the plant practically does not need water.

In the summer your Sansevieria appreciates you watering it once every 1-2 weeks, but in the winter you only need to water it every 6-8 weeks.

As we said: really a plant that shines in your interior and that you can “forget” for a while.


Place 2 of the easy houseplants: the Yucca

In our opinion, the Yucca or Palm Lily deserves place 2: it is a large plant with long, pointed leaves and a thick trunk… with its own water reservoir!

Yes, the Yucca stores water in its trunk and gradually depletes this water reservoir. Indeed, the plant originally comes from the dry deserts of the American province of Texas and Mexico. The Yucca will survive anything, even if it is not watered often.

This is of course a good sign for you: in summer you only need to water your Yucca once every 2 weeks – in winter this only needs to be done once every 6 weeks. Useful!

It is important to let the soil dry out completely between your waterings. This keeps the roots of the Yucca healthy. But if you forget to water your plants a bit, then that’s probably not a problem…

Location 1: Cacti

Of course, the cactus is number 1 in our top 10 easy houseplants. How could it be otherwise? Cacti originally come from the rough desert so can take a beating. A place in full sun? No problem. Haven’t been watered for weeks? No problem either!

Plus, there are dozens of types of cacti for sale, so you’re sure to find the one you really like for your interior.

In summer, it’s a good idea to give a good squirt of water once in a while – especially if your cactus is in full sun – and then let the soil dry out almost completely.

Is the ground starting to look really dry? Then you give it another big smack of water. In winter, your cactus needs even less: every four weeks you can smell the soil and give it water. In other words: the ideal plant if you want little work on your houseplants.

Which houseplant will soon shine in your interior?

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