It might not be the first color you think of when putting together a bathroom: pink. But pink is a warm, soft color and can bring a lot of ambiance to your bathroom. Are you curious how to create a beautiful pink bathroom with, for example, cool herringbone tiles or simply with accessories? So be sure to read this blog.

We are happy to give pink lovers tips so that you too can create the bathroom of your dreams.

pink bathroom

The trick for a beautiful pink bathroom? Pay!

Would you like a pink bathroom, but shouldn’t it become a whole barbie? Then balance is your keyword. You can certainly use, for example, beautiful pink tiles. But also be sure to combine the pink tint with natural tones.

This way you don’t get an excess of pink, but a nice balanced bathroom.

Pink (herringbone) tile in your bathroom

Pink tiles are not only available in different sizes, but also in different shades of pink. Think, for example, of old pink, soft pink and light pink checks.

Apart from pink color, there are also many types and sizes of pink tiles for your bathroom. For example, you can choose 60×60 cm tiles that are suitable for both the floor and the walls. But there are also pink decor tiles in the shape of a hexagon, or herringbone tiles.

Covering the entire bathroom with pink tiles can be a little bold. But you can choose to cover an entire wall or the walls of the shower area for example. This way you give your bathroom a nice colorful touch.

Tip: combine the pink of your bathroom with black steel and light oak wood… a perfect combination! Or opt for gold faucets.

pink plumbing

Would you like to go for something daring? Opt for pink sanitary ware. There are a number of types of sanitary ware available in pink.

In the past, you only saw white sanitary ware, but after the appearance of black sanitary ware, you see more and more other colors coming back.

For example, you can opt for a pink toilet or a pink sink. We recommend that you choose sanitary ware in the same pink color. Otherwise, the bathroom can look very busy or the different shades of pink clash with each other. You can create unity by giving several elements the same pink color.

Bathroom furniture

In addition to sanitary ware and tiling for a bathroom renovation, you can also opt for pink bathroom furniture. The base of the set then has a pink color. The bathroom furniture is also available in different shades of pink, so you can match it to all the other pink elements in your bathroom.

You can beautifully combine a pink bathroom cabinet with golden taps and black handles. Which makes your bathroom furniture a real eye-catcher.

Pink accessories in your bathroom

The easiest way to add pink to the bathroom is to choose pink accessories. This way you can also make a now standard white bathroom completely pink.

Think, for example, of toilet accessories, a soap dispenser or perfume sticks in the color pink. You can also create unity in the room with pink accessories.

For example, if you choose pink tiles, you can add pink accessories of the same color. Would you like to receive advice on how to furnish a pink bathroom? So do not hesitate to make an appointment via

Complete discharge of your idea

Bee Sani4All they are there to completely unburden you. Whether it’s choosing a pink bathroom or furnishing a powder room, they will be happy to help you!

In their stores, you can get advice from expert bathroom advisors. Not only do they advise you, but they also create a 3D design for you. This way you know exactly what your new bathroom will look like.

But they are also there for you after the purchase of the bathroom. They will deliver the bathroom to your home for free. Also, if you wish, they can assemble the whole bathroom for you. So you don’t have to worry about anything.

Do you find it too tense to work with pink tiles in your bathroom? So just choose to paint a wall pink. This way you know for sure that you won’t have to break again if you want another shade.

Tip: If you are going to be working with paint, be sure to also treat the painted walls with Trae Lyx, as I did with the painted back wall in the kitchen and the painted walls in our toilet. In this way, the wall remains resistant to moisture and easy to clean.

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