In general, a roofer is called in to repair or maintain a roof so that it can withstand the weather throughout the year. This means your roof can withstand rain, snow and high winds. In practice, this means that a roofer must master many types of work. Because there are not only different roof shapes, but also all kinds of roof coverings. Not all roofers provide all jobs and all types of roofing. For example, there are roofers specializing in the installation and maintenance of bitumen roofs.

What are the specializations?

If you have a standard pitched or flat roof, it can usually be repaired or maintained by a versatile professional. roofer. But if you have a roof with complicated shapes or a complex water evacuation, it is often preferable to call on a specialized roofer. Roofers sometimes specialize in the maintenance and repair of historic buildings. They often work with traditional materials, such as slate or reed. There are also roofers specializing in the installation of roofs bitumen or EPDM. Finally, roofers sometimes also specialize in the shape of the roofs.


A roofer does more than just repair or replace tiles or bitumen. They can also replace fillings around skylights and chimneys, repair or replace gutters, repair or replace water management, protect and repair fascia boards, fix leaks, and treat wood rot. One job that is often done with today’s high energy prices is the installation of insulation under the roof. Of course, a roofer can also perform a roof inspection and advise on what work needs to be done now and in the long term.

Roof inspection

roof houses

It is important that the roof of a building is in good condition. It shouldn’t fly away in the first storm, but it shouldn’t leak either. If a roof is leaking, it can sometimes be years before you discover it yourself. Chances are the walls are already waterlogged, which means you will face very high repair costs. Moreover, it is not healthy to live in a house with very damp walls. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a roof inspection done by a roofer every few years.

Monumental buildings

If you live in a beautiful old building, for example in Amsterdam, it is better to hire a specialist roofer for the inspection of the roof and all the work to be done. A roofer amsterdam will in principle be versatile enough to carry out all kinds of regular repairs. But a specialist can also discover all the hidden defects. A specialized roofer costs more, but these additional costs are nothing if a hidden defect is repaired in time.