For the past week we have had a drawer in our large freezer full of low carb meals from Fuelyourbody, which is why I am writing this review. We’ve tried quite a few already and I want to tell you how much we love Fuelyourbody Meals.

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What is Fuelyourbody actually?

It’s a cool name for a ditto company that cooks basically healthy meals that can also be used for specific purposes. This may sound difficult, so let me explain. Indeed, it is very simple.

If you order ready meals from Fuelyourbody like I did for the review, you can choose. You can choose the meals yourself, of course, but you can also choose the type of meal you actually want.

For example, I ordered meals to lose weight and lose fat, but you can also order Fuelyourbody meals if you want to bulk up before exercising. Or specifically for when you want to train in the dry.

This is a striking usp from Fuelyourbody and therefore can definitely be mentioned in this review.

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Fuelyourbody Meals Review: How Do They Really Taste?

I have tried box lunches and ready meals many times so I can compare and shout about it.

Personally, I really like the Fuelyourbody meals I’ve tried so far, so a positive review in that regard. And not just from me, by the way, Luc and Frank also enjoyed eating it.

Here you will find ready meals

Because I chose low carb meal variants they are not only tasty but also very healthy and you can taste them too. It works as an incentive to be careful what you put in your mouth afterwards.

The dishes I ordered mainly consist of a piece of meat paired with vegetables. But they also have (in another category than low carb meals) tasty and healthy meals with, for example, rice, pasta and potatoes.

For example, my mouth is watering when I eat this delicious Greek tomato rice see from above. Or this one teriyaki beef macaroni! But I don’t have any in my own packaging because I chose low carb 😉 . Something to remember for next time.

And are you a vegetarian? Don’t think you can’t choose at Fuelyourbody as they have plenty of vegetarian and vegan ready meals too!

Why choose ready meals?

Everyone has this choice for themselves. I understand if you live alone that you don’t feel like cooking every time. This is not the case with us. Still, I like to use convenience foods once in a while and the ones from Fuelyourbody are excellent in the review I must say.

For example, if one of the children needs to exercise early, it’s good if they can easily eat separately. Then I just cook, but this time they eat a ready meal. Do I have leftovers from my own cooked meals? Then it goes back into the freezer.

For example, in one of the other reviews I read someone who uses Fuelyourbody meals because she has lost a lot of weight and likes to eat healthy, but doesn’t always have time to cook herself . So it’s an excellent choice.

You put a batch of these meals in your freezer and you receive healthy and easy ready meals for weeks. Because losing weight with healthy and delicious food is of course the best.

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Benefits of Fuelyourbody Meals

  • You can easily filter the type of meal you are looking for
  • Ultra fast heat (from freezer 8 minutes to microwave)
  • No more cooking yourself with this low-carb menu of the week
  • You can see the amount of calories for each meal you order, which is of course very handy if you want (or need to) pay attention to this
  • Also suitable for vegetarians

Besides the ready meals I reviewed, Fuelyourbody also offers many other products, such as light sauces in all kinds of flavors, cooking sprays, and protein pancakes. But also protein snacks, nuts and frozen fruit for your breakfast, for example.

This online store offers a complete range adapted to your objectives.

Disadvantages of Fuelyourbody Meals

The downsides are actually no different than what you see with every cooked dish. Whether it’s meals from this fuelyourbody review or another brand. Or the ready meals from our primeur (delicious too!) or from the supermarket. The price.

The price is approximately between €5.95 and €7.95. It’s not much on its own, especially if you compare it to other meal providers or ready meals from the supermarket. Still, it’s of course more expensive than cooking your own prakkie, but it makes sense.

Tip: You can buy meal plans from Fuelyourbody to order multiple meals at once (all kinds of different meals). This brings down the price. This is how I had 12 low carb meals for €76.95, which amounts to €6.30 per meal.

Fuelyourbody Final Conclusion Review

I can only be positive about the meals from Fuelyourbody. Apart from that, you can also find on their site that I am not the only one who is positive about it. No less than 1856 reviews show that people rate Fuelyourbody with a 9!

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