Are you coming from Central or Eastern Europe to the Netherlands to live and work here? New residents in the Netherlands have a number of obligations and questions that are important to settle before registering. Think, for example, of compulsory basic health insurance and taking out car insurance if you own a car in your name. In addition to mandatory insurance policies, there are also other useful insurance policies worth considering. You can read more about it in this article.

What insurance do you need in the Netherlands?

In any case, you need basic insurance for standard health costs such as a visit to the doctor or to the hospital and medicines at the pharmacy. In addition to the compulsory basic insurance, it is wise to also think about the type of health costs you expect for the coming year. For example, do you think you need specialized care? In this case, it is good to also consider additional insurance for your medical expenses and choose a policy that suits you.

Which insurance policies are even more useful?

In addition to health insurance, we recommend that you also consider other insurance policies. For example, home insurance for your home and contents insurance for your personal items and effects. This covers the cost of your property and your home if you suffer unforeseen damage, for example due to an incident such as a leak or a fire. This way you are prepared for the future and you avoid having to pay high costs if something breaks down in your home or someone else’s.

Customer service in your own language


Are you still looking for a good insurer for these different insurances and do you want service in your own language? So it’s a suitable and affordable insurance company. They have specifically focused on people moving to the Netherlands from Central or Eastern Europe and offer customer service in your own language. For example, do you speak Romanian or Polish? Then you can easily communicate and ask questions in your native language.

Insurance for your motor vehicle

If you have a motor vehicle such as a motorcycle or a car registered in your name, a WA Insurance minimum required. This covers costs if you cause damage to someone else in traffic in the event of an accident. In addition to the standard WA policy, it is also advisable to take out additional cover such as the all-risk policy which reimburses damage to your own car.

There are different insurance policies for each vehicle. For example, do you have a delivery van for work? So you can too insure delivery vans with Polisa. They offer a discount on the policy for the claim-free years you have already accumulated in your country of birth.

In short: via Polisa you can easily take out all your insurances at once and in your own language!