People don’t often think about buying and installing a (new) TV in the living room. Completely unjustified, as the average Dutch person watches around 2.5 hours of television per day. That’s why it’s important to arrange your TV room as carefully as possible, after all, you want to be able to watch TV in a relaxed way. For example, viewing distance is very important when installing the TV, but height and location are also at least as important. Have you ever thought about these things?

Viewing distance

When arranging your TV room, viewing distance should be considered. A comfortable distance often maintained is 2.4 times the diagonal of the TV screen (in cm). Viewing distance is the distance between where you’re sitting – often a couch or chair – and the TV. This means that you have the freedom to move the sofa within a certain radius. But also that you have your TV, if it’s on a white tv stand may move if your seat is in a fixed position.

Viewing height

What is at least as important as viewing distance is viewing height. We want to watch TV in a relaxed way, but also to sit as ergonomically as possible. If you watch TV for 2.5 hours as an average Dutchman, the risk of a complaint is quite high if you do not sit properly during these 2.5 hours. Hang one-third of the screen (seen from above) at eye level. The view height therefore differs for everyone and depends on your own height. If you don’t hang your TV, the height is highly dependent on the black tv stand that you have. When buying a TV cabinet, pay attention to this!


wooden tv stand

The placement of your TV nook in the living room is perhaps the most important. Everyone has experienced it once, the sun falling on your TV when there is a dark scene. So make sure your TV room is located in a place where little or no sunlight falls on the screen. Also, stay away from a central location. There’s nothing more annoying than roommates having to walk through the screen because the TV room is in the middle of your living room. With an average viewing time of 2.5 hours, television is not entirely unimportant in our lives. Still, it’s nice not to focus all the attention on your TV in your TV room. Make sure the environment doesn’t seem forced and the interior can form a whole.