Looking for a chic outfit for Christmas, New Years or any other occasion around the holidays? Then the tips and ideas below will come in handy. You can read how you can create a luxurious outfit in different ways. Whether you go for a classic look for a dinner party or a very striking outfit for a party.

Gold, silver or black sequins

Those who are not afraid to stand out, bring out the glitter and sequins during the holidays. To stay chic, we recommend sticking to neutrals. Think gold, silver and black. Bright pink sequins can quickly look kitschy. In addition, it is much easier to wear a sequined top or a dress in sober colors.

Use of luxurious materials

Luxurious use of materials is the key to a chic party look. Some good examples of luxurious materials are: high quality lace, velvet, satin and (artificial) leather. For example, buy a lace blouse or a velvet dress Best vintage at. These items are also suitable for other festive occasions.

Beware of elegant jewelry

gold jewelry chain bracelet

Feel free to unbox your jewelry at Christmas or a New Year’s party, but try to keep it stylish. Determine what you want to make a statement with. Is it a pair of large earrings or is it a striking necklace? Let one piece of jewelry grab all the attention and keep the rest subtle.

Good quality blazer

If you prefer to wear a cool outfit, you can opt for a blazer. A full costume is also an interesting option! Either way, make sure the blazer is of good quality. Beautiful materials and fine workmanship contribute to the luxurious appearance.

The perfect little black dress

woman in black minidress and black sunglasses standing on the street

You are always in the right place with a little black dress. The black dress can be simple, but it should fit perfectly. Only then will you create a chic look. Choose a model that highlights your figure optimally. Do you think black is a little too boring? So look at a classic dark blue or green dress.

Seam tights for a chic touch

You can easily give a chic twist to a simple dress with seamed tights. There is a strip running down the back of your legs. This way you can give a velvet wrap dress or a leather pencil skirt a little something extra for the holidays.

What chic outfit do you have in mind for the holidays?