UTRECHT (ANP) – Two other marathons on natural ice could be organized this weekend. Willem Hut, responsible for the marathon skating discipline at the KNSB, hints at a competition in Noordlaren in Groningen on Saturday morning and in Nieuw-Buinen in Drenthe on Sunday morning.

“If all goes well, we will have three natural ice competitions in less than a week,” Hut told schaatsen.nl. “That would be a great development, because that way we get a nice succession of competitions, which really gives you the feeling of a multi-day event.”

On Wednesday evening, the first marathon on natural ice of this winter could be run on the Burgum ice rink in Friesland. Gary Hekman and Maaike Verweij won.

Noordlaren originally wanted to hold a marathon on Thursday morning, but the organization canceled it due to insufficient ice growth. Hut could again measure the thickness of the ice at the ice rink in Groningen on Friday morning.

Source: ANP