Do you have employees on fixed-term contracts or employees who work in project mode? Then opt for a short-term rental contract, in order to be able to rent with complete flexibility! This can also be a nice advantage for permanent employees, because then they won’t have to use the same leased car for years. With a short-term rental contract, you have a short-term contract for an affordable monthly rate. It’s certainly nice for a business to rent flexibly, but it can also be a great solution for people who are self-employed if you have to drive somewhere for several weeks for a job.

Why choose short-term rental?

As mentioned above, it is extremely convenient for a business to have a short lease enter into a contract, especially if they are temporary employees or employees who work on a project basis. This way you are not tied to long-term contracts and your permanent employees also have the freedom to change cars more often. It’s a fun way to bond co-workers who love cars in particular. You can already enter into a 2-month short lease contract, so even if someone doesn’t pass their probationary period, the short lease offers a solution! In fact, there are only advantages to a short-term rental contract.

Advantages of the short lease

The advantages of short-term rental are numerous. Below we list the most important advantages:

  • Immediately short-term rental car you can easily increase or decrease your fleet. Seasonal businesses in particular benefit greatly. During busy periods you can rent additional cars and as soon as the weather calms down you stop renting again.
  • Your employees are safe on the road, because the cars are fully insured.
  • The lease includes all maintenance, tires, repairs and motor vehicle tax. You only pay a monthly fee and that’s it. So there are no unexpected costs to come.
  • You get 24/7 roadside assistance if needed, including replacement transportation.
  • You don’t see contracts stuck for years.

Opt for an electric car to save fuel


Most leasing companies have a very wide range of choices. There are also many electric cars for your employees. It’s good for the environment as well as for your wallet. You don’t have to buy fuel anymore, and that’s of course nice, especially in these expensive times. It makes sense to install one or more charging stations within the company, so that cars can be charged on site. This way the cars are always loaded on the road and it avoids a lot of irritation among the employees. You can therefore encourage your employees to opt for an electric car, because it is a greener way to drive.