In fact, Diego sees Prince Charming don’t sit like that in advance, because he thinks it’s not for him. But after a few conversations, he changes course. Diego says he has one condition: “I became a dad in March 2021 and told production, ‘I want my son to be with me. I’m not leaving my son for a month.’ So Sem was with me.”

Adopting Sem was quite a process. “It’s been five years since I started the adoption process with my partner at the time. It took three years and then we were called with the happy news that we were going to be a father.”

The relationship with her then-boyfriend is now over and over. “Unfortunately, I found myself alone a few months later. It was a shock. When you start such a process, you have in mind that you are a father with your partner. That I had just become a father and the same year a La breaking up was a shock.”

Diego’s life is much calmer now, even though he has to look for a new job. “In a month, I won’t have a permanent job. I play in Aladdin the musical and I decided to quit in January. On the one hand there is a bit more peace in my life, but at the same time I don’t have any other job yet. Nothing is certain. I’m still hanging on to a question mark, but it always ends up working out.”

Prince Charming to see every Thursday at Videoland. Diego introduces himself in the video below.