The 450,000 households connected to district heating will know more about “their” energy ceiling price. The normal tariff ceiling is not always suitable for households with a collective connection to gas, heating or electricity (block connection). The scheme must go through the tax and customs administration, because it is known who has a block connection. In any event, the system for these households will not come into force until 2023.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Sigrid Kaag is in Suriname for the cabinet’s apology for the Netherlands’ slavery past. She will meet there with members of the government and civil society organisations. Interest groups are unhappy with the course of events surrounding Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s speech scheduled for December 19. Among other things, the date would come too soon. A number of organizations have therefore filed for interim measures, but their requests were rejected yesterday afternoon.

Those who live in Maastricht and need to catch an early flight to Schiphol can now get there by night train. And that for only 10 euros. Carrier Arriva offers the service. Even if you arrive at the airport in the early morning, you will be served at your complete disposal. At the beginning of 2023, a night train will also follow from Groningen to Schiphol.

Speaking of transport to Maastricht: people are less satisfied with the nearby airport. Today, the provincial executive of Limburg decides on the future of the airport. Opponents use this event to act. At 9 o’clock in the morning, our journalist will tell you live from Maastricht what will happen and the scale of the demonstration. At RTL Z, channel 11 or 12.

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The energy price cap will come into effect on 1 January. Hooray! But the scheme is quite complicated, so we received quite a few questions about it. Here we have answered the most important for you.

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After years of steadily rising real estate prices, Rabobank expects a decline next year. Unfortunately for first-time buyers, interest rates are rising faster than prices are falling, making buying a first home even more difficult.

And this you may have missed last night: The reform of the pension system is a big step forward. In the pensions debate, the PvdA and GroenLinks said they agreed with conditions. According to both parties, the new system is “an improvement on the current system”.

This could happen to the coffee machine:

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ps With his automotive empire and multi-billion dollar aerospace company, Elon Musk was already a mighty man. And with the purchase of Twitter, it became a global jammer.