It can be quite difficult to find clothes if you are plus size. Especially if you are a man. While women will see larger sizes in most stores, as a man you often have to visit a specialty store. Fortunately – if you know where to look – there are also plenty plus size mens clothing to find. However, the search is not over yet. Because what should you pay attention to when buying clothes one size larger? How do you make sure you really feel confident in your new outfit? In this article, we provide some great clothing tips for tall men.

Get out of that comfort zone

Many people have their own comfort zone. Especially when it comes to clothes. They always choose the safest options. Never wear anything else. This does not only apply to men with a curvier, but in fact to everyone. However, it is time to change that. You will be surprised how completely different styles can look good on you. So find a plus size store and give it a try. Also things you would never get otherwise. A plus size men pants? Yes, but with a cool new pattern or a special color. Very exciting to try, but you will see that many other styles of clothing will look good on you.

You may want to seek advice from a store associate, or seek advice from a friend or family member who you know will give their honest opinion. Do you think it’s a bit safer to shop from home? Then use an online store. Keep in mind that choosing the right size is a bit more difficult. In this case, follow the size chart to be sure that the garment you have chosen fits you well.

No bigger than necessary

Many men think they have to disguise their body when they are plus size. As a result, they buy their clothes even bigger. However, this is a bad idea. The more clothes you buy, the fatter you will look. Totally useless. Even going up a size, you just need to stick to your own clothing size. But what is your own clothing size?

Its not always easy. Also, a clothing size is not fixed. In one store you can get enough with an XL, while in the other XXXL it’s still tight. This is why it is particularly important to adapt. This is actually the only way to know if the garment is right for you or not.

Highlight the body parts you’re proud of

Almost everyone has body parts they are less confident of and parts they are proud of. Try to accentuate the parts you are proud of. For example, do you think you have strong, muscular legs? Accentuate it with beautiful, eye-catching pants. In this way, you shift the attention to the part of the body in which you feel good.