After more than a hundred hours of debate, the legislative process is coming to an end and the parties must deliver their verdict. Part of the opposition is firmly opposed to the pension reform. “This law is antisocial for young and old”, sums up the SP. The PVV also fears that everyone will lose with the new rules.

Squealing and cracking

The current system creaks and creaks. Most pensions have not been able to increase for years. “Even though the economy wasn’t bad, people didn’t get indexation. It’s hard to explain,” Minister Schouten said earlier.

Indeed, the current pension system promises great certainty about the pension you will ultimately receive. In order to keep this promise, pension funds must hold large sums of cash and pensions cannot be increased.

What will change?

Everyone receives a personal retirement pot. The large pension pot of 1,500 billion euros is therefore distributed among all participants. This gives everyone a better overview of their pension. The certainty you now have about the pension – which you will receive at the end of the trip – will be abandoned. In this way, pensions can increase more quickly in good times.

There is also a downside to this: pensions also drop more quickly in difficult times. Moreover, it is a mega-reform whose consequences are not easy to monitor. This is also the reason why it has been debated for a long time and many questions have been asked about it.


Some parties say they have a stomach ache as to the choice for or against this pension reform. GroenLinks and the PvdA also hesitated for a long time. “After many doubts, my group is giving this law the benefit of the doubt,” said GroenLinks MP Senna Maatoug.

The condition is that the proposals with which the parties try to adjust the law are adopted. If this happens, the PvdA will also vote for the law, says MP Henk Nijboer.

These proposals will be voted on in the House next Tuesday. Two days later, a judgment is rendered on the law in its entirety. Normally this happens immediately after the amendments have been voted on. The House is now taking a little longer for that.

The cabinet would like to have a decision from the House of Representatives before Christmas, so that the law can be discussed in the Senate before the provincial elections.

not holy

Today’s debate showed that for the coalition parties VVD and D66, the deadline of January 1, 2027 for the transition of pension funds to the new system is not sacred.