Short trackers Jens van ‘t Wout and Teun Boer will not take part in the World Cup in Almaty (Kazakhstan) this weekend due to illness. They are not replaced. That leaves only Sjinkie Knegt, Kay Huisman, Itzhak de Laat and Friso Emons to take over.

“Jens and Teun have been sick for several days and still have a raise,” reports the short track team. “The team is cautious and taking extra precautions to avoid further illness. All teams are dealing with sick people.”

Van ‘t Wout was in such good shape. Last weekend, he won his third consecutive World Cup victory in Almaty. The 21-year-old short tracker went on to win the 1000 meters after previously winning the 500 and 1500 meters at the previous World Cup in Salt Lake City (USA).

World Cup second weekend

For Boer, this is already the second weekend of the World Cup that he misses. He was not there in Salt Lake City due to a positive corona test.

Xandra Velzeboer and Suzanne Schulting recovered in time. A sick Velzeboer missed last weekend’s games. Schulting came into action coughing and sputtering and won the 1,500 meters.

Source: ANP