This written The Guardian. This is the @ElonJet Twitter account of American student Jack Sweeney.

Previously, there had also been discussions about this account’s right to exist, but then Elon Musk wrote that he values ​​freedom of speech and therefore Sweeney can continue to tweet.

Change of opinion

But Musk has since changed his mind, he said on Twitter. The account was suspended yesterday. Moments later, he reappeared online. But then Musk said Twitter users “are not allowed to share users’ live location.” Then the account was blocked again.

Now it is no longer possible to see on Twitter where Musk’s private jet is in the world, while the data Sweeney relies on can simply be found elsewhere on the internet.

Initially, only the account that follows Musk’s plane disappeared yesterday, writes The Guardian. Hours later, other accounts that track the planes of Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg, for example, were also taken offline. Meanwhile, student Sweeney’s personal account has also been suspended.

Freedom of expression

Last month, shortly after Musk bought Twitter, he wrote on the social network that “his commitment to free speech is so great that he will not ban the account that shows the location of his plane, even at his own risk”.

Sweeney told the British newspaper that his account was permanently suspended yesterday for failing to comply with Twitter’s rules. Twitter and Musk declined to answer questions from The Guardian.