Last night, the KNMI already warned that it would be slippery tonight and this morning, especially along the coast. “Rain on a frozen surface, you always have to be careful,” says Maurice Middendorp of Buienradar.

But the warning has now been extended and, according to the KNMI, it will be dangerous on the roads again this evening, according to the KNMI.

First this morning. Due to winter showers with rain and wet snow along the coast, there is a local risk of treacherous slipperiness. Inside, it remains drier and fairly clear, although a fog bank may form here and there.

The temperature also drops considerably, especially inland to -5 to -9 degrees. In the Wadden region, it stays around the freezing point.

See how cold it is in your area right now:

This afternoon it will be “partly cloudy and fairly sunny,” says Middendorp. The KNMI also indicates that the slipperiness will gradually disappear in the afternoon.

A treacherous slip again tonight

But from 5 p.m., it can become treacherously slippery again because of the ice. First only in the northwestern half of the country, then elsewhere as well. Only in Limburg does the risk of slipperiness remain low.

The sweetness will not disappear until tomorrow morning. Then the temperature rises like a rocket and on Monday it will be 10 degrees, downright autumnal with lots of rain and wind.